Sunday, November 13, 2016

crochet projects

I crave to produce things. I have so many little sketches and drawings and ideas and I give such a small space of my life to actually producing or bringing things to life. I really want to make more.

A few weeks back I was flipping through a sketchbook and realized that I had completed one of the ideas in it. Around nine years ago, we were camping for a week in Yosemite and I had some ideas for some scarves. If I recall correctly, I had been inspired by the colors of the climbing ropes that my husband and our friends flake after a day spent rock climbing. I was so hung-up on the ideas that I remember buying colored pencils from the park gift shop just so I could sketch them out. I did nothing with it right away but about three years ago, I revisited it in another sketchbook and got to work. (Just to clarify, you did read that correctly: I go camping with super cool people who rock climb all day and I am pleased as punch to just read and sketch. They are very kind to not make fun of me.)

Crochet is an ideal medium for me because I can make quick progress, pick it up or set it down at any time and the kind of designs I create do not require much concentration. I basically keep going as long as it looks good to me.

Over the winter of 2013 I made a number of scarves with this edging idea that you see below but I had not stopped to think of the finished accumulation of product until a few weeks ago.

Being in Southern California, thick scarves like this are completely impractical for me. In fact, I think I have actually only worn one of the scarves. In the execution of the idea, some turned out better than others. The brown infinity scarf with white piped edging is not my favorite. I chose too thin of a chocolate yarn and it curls in on itself, hiding the edge. I love the salmon color with teal piping. It reminds me of the colors from "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". It is also made of a very soft cozy cotton yarn. I do not know why I keep buying wool:
                              Me in the store: "This yarn is so pretty! I must have it!"
                              Me at home after finished product: "Yuck, this is so itchy and scratchy."

I never learn.

I am a big doodler and so it is such  a pleasure to hold in my hands something I once imagined. I regularly feel that the years pass too quickly and that I do not have enough to show for them. But when I have tangible created things, it helps me at least know how I have spent a little of my time.

So, step one is get the ideas on paper and step two is to actually make the ideas. I buoyed by this little vignette.