Monday, March 19, 2012

winter citrus

It is citrus season in Southern California.
When I first moved here I was shocked at the timing. Citrus in winter?
Moving from Alaska I had always associated the flavors of lemon and lime with summer sun.
But here in So Cal, where our January/February/March are just as likely as not to bring balmy 75 degree days, the citrus arrive in winter (or our version of winter).

Pictured is a beautiful pink grapefruit and a couple of cara cars oranges. This is a new orange variety to me and I love their pinkish tinted segments. I picked up a bag at my local Trader Joes- I recommend giving them a try.

A few favorite citrus recipes:

citrus ice 
lemon butter cupcakes
candied orange peel 
broiled grapefruit 

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