Wednesday, March 21, 2012

blooming branches

During a recent visit, my mother commented to my sisters and I that if she had access to fresh flowers like we do, she would always have them in her house. She lives in a small community in Alaska and I believe she made the statement while wondering through a Safeway, past the display of buckets filled with bundles of tulips and bunches of roses.

Her sentiment stuck with me. Living life away from my family, I try to find ways to weave them into my every day: picking the same books to read together or watching the same movies, preparing a meal I know they would love, quick text messages and phone calls. Since my mother made that comment, I have found myself drawn to pick up flowers during the week.

I never arrange them in a fancy way (wouldn't know how to, even if I wanted to) but love the softness and texture their organic shapes lend to a space. I also look forward to featuring my weekly floral selections in still life settings in various parts of house.

Recently, my grocery store had bundles of blooming branches. It took a bit for the color to pop out but even in the meantime, I admired their slim austerity against my white white walls. After a few days, the blooms fell and the pink petal dusting was it's own kind of pleasure.

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