Wednesday, March 14, 2012

dabbling in print and pattern

I am pretty plain jane about things. I have been known to get nostalgic for 90's minimalism. I am all about solid colors and straightforward silhouettes. I own an enormous number of gray shirts and navy trousers. (If you find me on Pinterist, you'll begin to notice the themes.)

However, lately I have found myself tempted by prints- large bold graphics, small brocades, contrasting stripes. It has not veered out of control (no plans to reupholster the couch in Sister Parish fabric- although there are some lovely options). I thought I would share a few of my recent forays into prints and patterns.

  • gray and purple striped crocheted blanket for my goddaughter (project in progress)
  • black and white graphic pillow, Ikea

  • Penguin Classics hardcover books: the great classics with whimsical prints. Do you have a favorite classic? A closer look: 

For true short-term pattern involvement, might I suggest some gorgeous printed paper? Low on cost (about $2.50 per sheet) and commitment (it's wrapping paper), it is a momentary indulgence on a gorgeous print. My favorite place to browse through them is at Periwinkle.

I like to keep store them in large wooden vases as they are too cheery to be relegated to a closet or drawer.

P.S: While taking the above photos, my normally camera shy dachshund, Harriet, insisted on being in on the action. I could not resist sharing.


  1. I love prints and patterns. Especially mixing them. Harriet is adorable !

  2. Thanks friends! Hopefully Harriet will make some future appearances :)