Monday, October 24, 2011

fall colors

I live in Southern California and fall shows up pretty late here. As I write this, the temperatures are in the high 70's and a balmy wind is ruffling the eucalyptus tree leaves outside my window. In October, tree leaves are likely to fall as much from being burnt crisp by the sun as from changing with the season.

I still love fall in So Cal and look for it's early signs.
The orangey-reds are prominent, but in different forms:
the last of the home grown tomatoes (to be oven roasted and layered on toasted bread brushed with mascarpone)
the first bag of mandarin oranges stacked on my red cake plate (to be tossed into work bags for breakfast)
and finally, pumpkins (to be roasted for bread, cookies, and pie).
What does fall look like for you?


  1. How do you roast a pumpkin? can you freeze it to use later?

  2. @Elizabeth K- I'll have to put together a post on roasting a pumpkin. It's super easy! I would imagine that it would freeze well, but I'll have to look into that.

  3. I'm sorry that I haven't visited your blog in months! So much to catch up on.
    ps. I miss you at work! But I am enjoying my new job.