Wednesday, September 7, 2011

inspiration- Alaskan boat harbor

When we were kids, my Dad used to take my sisters and I on walks down to the boat harbor. My father was a crab fisherman (still is) and we loved to accompany him to "check on the boat". I am not sure what we were actually checking but my little girl imagination liked to think of it as tucking the boat in for the night. We would walk up and down the rows of boats, asking my Dad which boat belonged to whom and picking out our favorites. My Dad would tell us stories about some of the boats, how they got their names or who used to own them. The fishing boats seemed like such characters.

During a recent visit home, my Dad and I took an evening walk and strolled down to the boat harbor. I particularly noticed the colors, lines, patterns and textures. Some of the rope and net details remind me of crochet patterns. It was a quiet, peaceful summer evening and the smooth-as-glass water mirrored back the boat reflections beautifully. I thought I would share a few of my favorite images.


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